Jerry Mairani, Ph.D. and Andrew Winter, Ph.D. presenting a unique perspective on the Precipio Operating Model Excellence (Precipio OMx) at the Sacramento American Society for Quality Meeting on October 15, 2015.

"The integration of Lean and Six Sigma occurred in the late 1990's championed by Mike George of The George Group and others to effectively blend the best of both Lean and Six Sigma.  However, there are many organizations using Lean as a primary means of performance improvement and they may be leaving many performance opportunities unrealized due to the lack of integration with some core data-based improvement principles of Six Sigma and/or with necessary external operational support systems of their Operating Model.  Only when both the external support systems and the data-oriented approaches from Six Sigma are properly integrated with Lean, can the most effective and efficient outcomes be obtained"

Dr. Jerry J. Mairani
Sr. Managing Partner
Chief Learning Officer
Precipio, LLC